June is the start of Hurricane Season in Florida. It is already third week of July, we survived June without a bad storm. This was almost four years ago. Our bags are packed, loaded in the car, ready to enjoy our weekend get away to Naples, Florida and to celebrate my husband’s birthday. We checked the news, there is a tropical depression looming ( this is one of the important thing that I’ve learned while living in Florida. Always check the weather forecast). The sky is clear in Boca Raton, we took a chance, we don’t want all of our preparations to go to waste. So off we go.

While traversing the alligator alley, the clouds are getting darker and darker then a heavy downpour. Enough to dampen our spirit but we still tried to be optimistic, we prayed for a better weather. We played my husbands favorite artists from Hall and Oates, red hot chili peppers and U2 just to keep ourselves entertained. We reached our destination, the clouds are still dark and it is still drizzling. Oh well! It’s time for dinner anyway, so the beach can wait in the morning.

When we woke up the next day, the sun is shining and we were eager to get to the beach. We hurriedly ate our breakfast, freshened up, packed our beach gears and drove to Delnor Wiggins Pass State Park. Nothing can go wrong with an $8 entrance fee until closing. It pays to be an early bird, we found a good spot and enjoyed the beach by ourselves for the first two hours then the crowd started to show up. We left the beach around two in the afternoon. Looked for a place to eat a late lunch and strolled along downtown Naples.

Chico and I we’re so excited to watch the sunset. While on our way to Naples Pier, we saw lightning, heard thunder, then it rained steadily for more than an hour. We took refuge in a nearby antique store. Oh no! We won’t be able to see the sunset. It is only by the gulf side in Florida where you can witness the best sunset. Then the rain stopped. We almost ran to the pier since we don’t want to miss the sunset.

This is what we saw, clouds covering the sky,the stillness of the water after the rain. Photo Credit: Franklin A. Gerochi Jr.

Though the clouds are covering the sun, the sun never quits. This reminded me of the Isarelites journey in the wilderness, God promised to be a cloud on day and fire by night. Photo Credit: Franklin A. Gerochi Jr.

Cloud Art: Can you spot the Alligator and the Lion?
Photo Credit: Franklin A. Gerochi Jr.

Photo Credit: Franklin A. Gerochi Jr.

Though the sun was hidden behind the clouds, it still made this beautiful impression on the sky. We considered this as God’s little surprises. We may not be able to watch the sunset, but God gave us an unexpected gift. We learned a valuable lesson. We didn’t come home empty handed. Our hearts filled with joy. Our God is always with us.


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