Thursday @ Cohens

This visit is long overdue. Addison Sloane already turned two years old last March and Hannah Leigh turned one month this May. Marissa and I have been trying to sync our schedule so I can visit her growing family yet something always comes up.

So today, no excuses and my Thursday morning is free so is Marissa’s schedule. I drove over to their house. I saw Addie trying to fill her plastic swimming pool with water and Rocky ( their dog) following Seth (Marissa’s hubby) wherever he goes. It seems busy and chaotic yet it looks like a symphony to me, everyone playing their own part, contributing to a wonderful masterpiece. Nothing magical yet when I walked through the door, the warmth of home embraces me.

Marissa greeted me with a big hug, Addie still busy at her plastic pool and Grandma Lippmann arrived. Marissa asked me if I want to hold Hannah, absolutely so off I washed my hands before I hold Hannah. Babies are amazing they left you with this warm fuzzy feeling inside your heart. Time to feed Hannah so I handed her over to her mom and Addie started warming up to me and we ended up playing.

I had a great time, I didn’t notice that it’s already lunch time. I hate to say goodbye but I will be back soon. Thank you Marissa and Seth for welcoming me in your home. It means lot to me.

” The soul is healed by being with children. ” Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Snippets of my visit with Addison and Hannah:-) I will be back soon!


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