Simple Fidelity

The theme of my blog is about positivity but it doesn’t mean that my life is perfect. On the contrary it is full of detours, I walked through fire and I crossed the deepest waters. I have a late onset asthma and on allergic march. I am suffering from an early menopause due to a TAHBSO surgery caused by recurring ovarian tumors. My father is battling with an autoimmune disease. This is my reality.

I woke up early today, I asked myself how I was able to manage through the years. That I am still here.

First, my faith in God. There are times that I cried before The Lord for answers, for relief but it never came. I am hanging by a thread yet I kept on. My faith in The Lord is one of the non negotiable things in my life. It kept me sane in my darkest moments. Even I can’t see and feel that God is working it is by faith that I know God will send me my breakthrough. God hasn’t answered my prayers directly but He had sent people to journey with me. Then I realized, this is not about me anymore but about what God wants to do and will be doing in my life. Total surrender to God.

Second, my roots. These are the people in my life who knew what kind of person I am since I was a child or my life before I came to America. They are my family, friends, mentors & prayer partners who never gave up on me. They continue to believe in me. They had opened their heart, their homes and even their resources to help me stay afloat. I will be forever grateful for their presence in my life. They gave me the reason to keep on fighting.

Third, my vocation. Not every person can become a nurse. For me, being a nurse was my calling. I may not have chosen it as a profession initially but because of the influence of my parents, I took this path. When I am frustrated, exhausted and ready to give up. God sends me miracles. Even a simple thank you from my patient’s family is enough to keep me going, to fire my passion and to keep on serving humanity through my profession.

I am weak. I am human. But God’s design for me is to be an overcomer. So I shall overcome.

We need to be strong to meet the day with self-control, to find our reason and purpose, but more important, to leave behind us the heavy and darkened thoughts that kept us from seeing the breathtaking beauty of the most important time—this morning. From the book Think on These Things by Joyce Sequiche Hifler

“Great opportunities come to all, but many do not know they have met them. The only preparation to take advantage of them, is simple fidelity to what each day brings.” -A.E. Dunning

@Siesta Key, Sarasota, Florida

Romans 8:37
No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.


2 thoughts on “Simple Fidelity

  1. For in our weakness, God reveals His strength, to the glory of God the Father. Indeed, we will continue to overcome for the battle was already won for us. Congratulations, Nang! 🙂

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