My Father, My Hero

His definition of love is discipline.
He reminds us over and over again
that money doesn’t grow on trees.
He is one of the most hardworking person I know.
He is stubborn most of the time.
He never fails to surprise me.
He cooks the best dinuguan, kaldereta, nilagang baka, KBL and my favorite of all inubadan nga manok ( chicken with banana trunk).
Like a baby he cried when he knew I was diagnosed to have a tumor and more so when I can no longer bear a child.
He told me that he will never be a hindrance to my happiness.
He honored my decision to marry the man I love.
He’ s got a lot of shortcomings. He is not perfect.
But for me He is the best father in the world.
He is my father.
My Papa and my Hero.

Happy Father’s Day Papa!
I Love You!

Love always,


With my Papa and Mama


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