It’s been a few tough shifts at work plus me battling with estrogen withdrawal hormones. Last Friday, I felt the walls around me were crumbling down. That’s my sign to get out of my bat cave ( I work night shift), take a breather and simply enjoy the sun.

We had breakfast @ Cracker Barrel. I love their rocking chair outside the restaurant.

I can’t resist but to sit on one of the rocking chairs. Love it!

As we drove to the beach and look for a good parking spot. This is what awaits us.

Love mornings @ Deerfield Beach.

There is something about the beach, that can calm every troubled soul.Is it the color of the sky? The sound of the waves or the glistening sand?


I love the feel of the sand under my feet, playing with the waves as it reaches the shore, basking under the sun. My spirit is free.


My footprints on the sand. Deerfield Beach, Florida

I was sad when it’s time to leave but I know I can always come back. The beach is like an old friend. It doesn’t matter where it is. It’s arms are open wide to receive every soul that is lost and wandering. The creation offers that solace but think of how much more what our Creator can offer us.

I am blessed. Thank you Lord for your creation. Thank you Lord for being my Creator.