The rhythm of my heart

Since I worked the graveyard shift, I get to enjoy the stillness of the night. Most of the people are already asleep while I on the other hand is wide awake.

I was up since midnight.

Thirty seven years ago, I was born on this day. There are days that my mind is overwhelmed with all the humongous responsibility I carry at work and at home. Unlike ordinary days, I get to enjoy the silence.

But really what is being alive? What propels me and you to wake up in the morning and greet a brand new day? On what tempo do we move each day?
On what standards do we measure ourselves with? In the eyes of God, our parents, spouses and friends?

The questions kept piling up the past few months and I am on the hunt for answers.

Then another question emerged.

What was the most life changing event that happened so far in my life? What has the most positive impact in my life and from thereon was a ripple of wonderful memories.

I met you.
You brought me closer to God.
Your love and passion for Him at a young age.
Your simple dreams and generous heart.
You dreamt of being a Doctor and somehow
You have influenced me in my profession.
You are the best birthday gift in my lifetime.
September 10, 1992.
You were a true heaven sent.
You were gone for almost two decades now.
You were the best thing that ever happened to me.

I already bid you farewell, when I laid the roses on your grave. But this time, I wanted to say thank you that once in my life I was loved by you on your short time on earth.

The very first time on my birthday that I did not feel the pain of your death.
Thank you Lord for this wonderful birthday gift.

( I wrote this on my birthday September 8, 2014)

I finally decided to publish this today because it’s October 25, the day you went home to be with our Creator. Remembering you with much love and gratefulness. As I look back God carried me through the pain and broken heart. I celebrate your life!