The Soccer Cleats

The FIFA World Cup officially opened last June 12, 2014 in Brazil. Football fanatics waited for four years to witness this tournament. My husband is one of them.

Most relatives, colleagues, friends and acquaintances knew that we don’t have a child of our own. Though childless we are blessed with nephews & nieces as well as godsons and goddaughters plus the kids of our dearest friends.

Perhaps triggered by the on going World Cup 2014, my hubby dreamt that Bob and his son Toto Hanz were playing football with other children .Today, we visited Sports Authority in search for a pair of soccer cleats for Toto Hanz. It was already past ten in the evening in the Philippines but I tried to call Day Ann ( Hanz Mother) to check for Toto Hanz shoe size. Good thing Day Ann was still awake. We spoke to Bob and Day Ann. The soccer cleats that Chico ( my hubby) picked first and was holding on his hand was the exact shoe size of Toto Hanz, was it just a mere coincidence or a divine intervention?I believe ’twas a God given opportunity.

We left the store with a meaningful purchase. It was not only a pair of soccer cleats for Toto Hanz but Chico, my hubby was given a wonderful opportunity to have a glimpse of what Father’s do for their children. Toto Hanz was smiling from ear to ear when he saw the picture of his soccer cleats and same thing with Chico.

Chico was elated. It made his day.

This is how we celebrated Father’s Day.

Thank you Bob and Day Ann for sharing Toto Hanz with us on this Father’s Day. God bless you!

Toto Hanz soccer cleats. ❤